Certified Legal Specialist
for International Business Law

Certified Legal Specialist
for International Business Law

Certified Legal Specialist for International Business LawCarlos H. Galaniuk, LL.M.

As a lawyer licensed in the USA, UK and Germany, I not only offer legal advice, but also act as a clarifier and risk manager. My business and financial experience enriches my advisory work. My background and English language skills allow me to effectively mediate between German and American interests, using subtle differences in demeanor and language to my clients' advantage. Every mandate starts with intensive listening and targeted questions in order to identify individual needs and provide optimal support, especially for small and medium-sized companies. My goal is for my clients to feel understood.

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Corporate Finance

Financing can come from various sources, including banks, private placements, venture capital or private equity firms. The need for financing is usually driven by start-up expenses, expansion, acquisitions, working capital needs, purchase of goods from suppliers or bonding needs. Financing is granted always in the form of either debt or equity, but each financing can take on unique structural and contractual features, which will impact its ranking and risk/reward profile.

Financial Due Diligence

You have selected a target business, which is a privately held business, to look at more closely for a potential acquisition. This article aims to give a brief overview of what type of data you can expect review to enable a determination of the financial condition of the business, and what figures you will use to conduct your business valuation.

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