Structuring and Tax

US tax strategies for SMEs

Galaniuk Law helps small and medium-sized companies develop tax-efficient structures for the German and US markets, taking into account US tax law.

International tax planning can be very challenging and costly. However, tax planning is only one of many aspects to be considered. The specific business project, documentation, compliance and visa issues are often in conflict with important tax aspects. State tax policy bundles economic and financial concerns into legal standards, and it is advisable to consult a lawyer who combines both legal and economic expertise in order to understand and comply with them. As finding such an advisor is often difficult, companies are often forced to engage both an internationally active auditing firm and a large law firm instead.

This can really be recommended for larger medium-sized companies, as very extensive recording and documentation obligations are required by law, particularly in the case of service offsetting between related companies. However, as smaller medium-sized companies are subject to simplified recording obligations, the usual approach with a two-track consultant structure may be too cost-intensive for these companies in particular. These companies therefore need an alternative. Carlos Galaniuk offers the ideal alternative.