International Distribution Law

US market: opportunities for SMEs

Medium-sized companies have been increasingly expanding into the USA for years with great success and have mastered the challenges of distribution law and the associated issues in the area of US trade law. Nevertheless, many companies still shy away from the decision to expand their business activities internationally. Wrongly so. With a suitable company, careful preparation and good advice, the opportunities of such an entrepreneurial decision far outweigh the associated risks.

The explanations in the article “Legal bases and US contract law”, which is available by clicking here, are examples of some of the circumstances to be considered when expanding into the USA.

They are intended to convey a sense that the requirements for doing business in the USA are manageable and not as foreign as is often assumed. For more information on distribution law in the USA and US commercial law, see Distribution Law and Commercial Law in the USA.

The quote from Sir Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626) “Knowledge is power” applies once again to foreign business. Even small and medium-sized companies can acquire the necessary knowledge to successfully master this task. The step into the USA, with the advantages of the “Made in Germany” and “Managed in Germany” brand, is therefore also open to these companies.