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Corporate Finance

Financing can come from various sources, including banks, private placements, venture capital or private equity firms. The need for financing is usually driven by start-up expenses, expansion, acquisitions, working capital needs, purchase of goods from suppliers or bonding needs. Financing is granted always in the form of either debt or equity, but each financing can take on unique structural and contractual features, which will impact its ranking and risk/reward profile. GL helps clients consider all these factors and assists on the documentation of loans, including vendor financing, asset based loans, cash flow oriented loans, leveraged/acquisition finance and mezzanine products, working capital facilities, letters of credit, and surety or bond instruments as well as equity offerings and convertibles. GL assists clients identify the best source and type for their financing needs and moves the structuring and negotiation of the financing forward.

GL advises in secured transactions and security agreements. GL counsels in determining the security principles, the most appropriate security package and security taking process, including assistance in any debt redemption and security release exercises. For borrowers, GL aims to structure security packages that maintain flexibility and maximize the potential to secure future financing.

Some businesses require debt advisory, restructuring advice and/or loan agreement audit services. Even businesses with healthy fundamental trading may need assistance in correcting an inappropriate capital structure. In such situations, GL can provide small and mid-sized businesses helpful corporate finance, treasury related and debt advisory.

Financing solutions often lie within points of intersection amongst the lawyers, lenders and borrower. Few advisors can offer an in depth perspective into all these areas. GL can and aims to align disparate interests of these three groups into workable solutions. GL’s interdisciplinary skill sets, which arch over into each of the relevant areas, provide a compelling reason to use GL. GL helps small and mid-sized enterprises, venture capital and private equity firms in financing matters. The complex and cost intensive teams, processes and invoices of investment banks and large law firms can often be overwhelming. GL helps to reduce the complexities and costs by serving as a skilled intermediary.

Clients benefit from GL’s wealth of experience in the area of banking capital markets and corporate finance. As a finance lawyer, Carlos Galaniuk has worked for borrowers and lenders on international financings from the commitment phase through to the loan document, from the security taking through to draw down and loan dispersal. As a leveraged finance banker and finance professional in a large industrial company, he structured and executed numerous M&A and financing transactions (debt and equity), from due diligence to bid stage and through to closing and funding.

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