International Transactions

Finding the right lawyer to advise you in international matters and international transactions and contracts can be challenging. We are the right law firm here. As your outside general counsel we provide a number of advantages designed to help clients safeguard their international ventures against pitfalls.

We make complex multi-jurisdictional circumstances more transparent, which optimizes decision making processes. We understand how different legal systems apply to your deal, which helps steer deal analysis in the right direction. We serve as your efficient single point of contact to all deal participants, which frees you up from distractions and streamlines costs. Our vast experience in handling M&A and corporate finance transactions enables us to efficiently manage your projects.

We know corporate cultures in the US and Germany, which can make us very useful in matters related to USA or German HQ and their international operations. We also trouble shoot existing matters where the desired result has not been achieved, which can help clients correct and adjust their course. In summary, Carlos Galaniuk’s international background helps clients successfully bridge between systems, languages and cultures.

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Corporate Finance

Financing can come from various sources, including banks, private placements, venture capital or private equity firms. The need for financing is usually driven by start-up expenses, expansion, acquisitions, working capital needs, purchase of goods from suppliers or bonding needs. Financing is granted always in the form of either debt or equity, but each financing can take on unique structural and contractual features, which will impact its ranking and risk/reward profile.

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You have selected a target business, which is a privately held business, to look at more closely for a potential acquisition. This article aims to give a brief overview of what type of data you can expect review to enable a determination of the financial condition of the business, and what figures you will use to conduct your business valuation.

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This article focuses on comparing the Corporation to the LLC, while recognizing that there may be other entity forms more appropriate to specific circumstances, including sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, trusts, and a pure contractual agreement.

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