Associate Attorney Position:
Solo practitioner with German-American international practice is looking for an associate attorney to assist with existing client portfolio and ongoing expansion. Compensation to be discussed.
The associate will work in the firm’s practice area focus on international transactions, M&A, business organizations, distribution systems, sales and the intersections of these areas with contracts and tax structuring.

Applicant Requirements:
Applicants satisfying the following requirements will be considered:

  1. Bilingual: English and German. English as native mother tongue is a strict requirement, as nothing less than an English native speaker can assure best quality when drafting and negotiating contracts in the English language. Fluency in German in word and script also required.
  2. US or German law education and qualification. US law school graduate (JD) with US bar admission (or in process of obtaining admission) is ideal, but a German law education will be considered, so long as candidate has mother tongue English skills.
  3. Interest/focus on (private) business law and cross border matters. Undergraduate degree in business preferred; entrepreneurial and commercial skills (or ability to quickly develop this) required.
  4. Willingness to live and work in Nürnberg, Germany, and/or see alternatives under Further Considerations below.
  5. EU citizenship would be ideal, but if not available, German visa issues can probably be successfully dealt with together with the assistance of the Employer.

Further Considerations:

Recognizing that Nürnberg, Germany, may not be the first location of choice for qualified applicants, the firm is open to discussing alternative employment or collaboration models. An applicant interested in alternatives (e.g. if the associate aims to reside and work elsewhere in Germany or the USA) should independently develop and be prepared to present a convincing organizational, technological and operational plan that assures the associate’s integration into and loyalty to the firm. Notwithstanding this, a trial, training, and introduction period will require presence at the firm in Nürnberg for 3, 6 or 12 months. If the applicant convinces they can and want to live in Bavaria, Germany on a long term basis, then they should also address the risk that living and working abroad is not only adventurous, but can also be difficult, strenuous. The employer will consider this unique set of risks when evaluating its expected ROI regarding the candidate. This risk has to reasonable and adequately addressed.

The position will likely be phased to begin as an internship and thereafter, and subject to factors, upgrade into ordinary employment. This is relevant for employment law, payroll and salary purposes.

There is no immediate need to fill this position. The Employer would also be happy to entertain discussions with 1L, 2L and 3L students who satisfy the applicant requirements. The Employer is also open to discussing collaboration and cooperation arrangements appropriate for the times and in tune with the evolution of the legal services markets.

How to Apply:
Qualified applicants should please send their application to