Carlos H. Galaniuk, LL.M.

The international business law attorney Carlos Galaniuk uniquely blends essential qualities: Certified Legal Specialist for International Business Law, rare interdisciplinary professional background (business/finance/law), true native bilingual fluency (English/German), and full tri-jurisdiction legal qualifications (USA/Germany/UK).

Certified Legal Specialist for International Business Law

The Board of the Bar Association in Nürnberg, Germany, has certified Attorney Galaniuk as a Certified Legal Specialist for International Business Law (Fachanwalt für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht). The certification required that Attorney Galaniuk prove special theoretical knowledge and special practical experience. Such special theoretical knowledge and special practical experience is only deemed proven, if they significantly exceed in this particular field the knowledge and experience typically acquired through professional training and experience. Relevant areas in this field of law include: 1. Conflicts of laws in contractual and non-contractual obligations, 2. International civil procedure and arbitration, 3. International commercial law, 4. International corporate law, 5. European anti-trust law, 6. Anti-money laundering in international transactions, 7. International tax law, and 8. Comparative law (see §14n FAO, German Regulation for Legal Specialist Certification).

Business Lawyer and Analyst

Carlos H. Galaniuk is one of the few truly hybrid professionals with the skills of a corporate lawyer and the commercial skills of a business analyst. Carlos has years of legal and financial experience at law firms, banking institutions and an industrial manufacturing company. Clients with an eye for detail appreciate Attorney Galaniuk’s outcome driven, detail and process oriented work method combined with business pragmatism. He developed and perfected these skills through his experience in commercial lending, private equity and venture capital. During his career in corporate finance Attorney Galaniuk advised corporate clients in connection with cash-flow oriented acquisition finance. SME clients benefit from this competence and dedication to “best practices”.

Bilingual and Bi-cultural Roots

Attorney Galaniuk was born in Michigan, moved to Florida when he was four and has been living mainly in Germany now for almost 20 years. Carlos’ primary mother tongue is English, but has been speaking German since infancy. Carlos adds considerable value in international transactions documented in English. Clients are way ahead of the game when they engage English native speaking counsel with accredited first legal principles from the system that dominates contract drafting standards globally.

Attorney Galaniuk speaks with native fluency to both Germans and Americans in their respective language, and thereby avoids blind spots and language disadvantages. He quickly comprehends the parties’ organization, strategy, and pertinent risks, and thus zeros in on the client’s main concerns. His understanding of corporate cultures and country specific conditions helps client’s international subsidiaries and German or American headquarters align expectations. Carlos sheds light on host jurisdiction factors by reference to shared or divergent concepts from home. These skills enable Carlos to identify optimal solutions with clients.

Bar Admissions

Attorney Galaniuk is admitted to the Florida Bar as an Attorney at law, the English Law Society as a fully qualified English Solicitor, and the Nürnberg, German Bar, as a German Rechtsanwalt.

Academic Qualifications

Carlos has ideal academic credentials for an international business lawyer:

  • Successful completion of the German Lawyer Aptitude Exam (see EuRAG);
  • Successful completion of the English Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test;
  • LL.M. degree (magna cum laude) from the Johann W. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main;
  • Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida;
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Finance) from the University of Florida.

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