About the Firm

The German-American business law firm Galaniuk Law specializes in international contracts, corporate, M&A, joint ventures, distribution law, commercial, and finance related matters.

Attorney, Solicitor, Rechtsanwalt and Certified Legal Specialist for International Business Law (Fachanwalt für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht) Hans Galaniuk originates from Florida and uniquely blends three essential qualities: true native bilingual fluency (English/German), full tri-jurisdiction legal qualifications (USA/Germany/UK) and a rare interdisciplinary professional background (business/finance/law).

Galaniuk Law accommodates the particular needs of SMEs and startups: it serves as an effective bridge between systems, languages, customs and cultures of USA and Germany, and it provides high quality, timely, personalized and attentive service at affordable rates. German clients and those having a penchant for detail appreciate Galaniuk Law’s outcome driven, detail and process oriented work method combined with business pragmatism.

When a client’s matter requires different expertise, Attorney Galaniuk draws upon an extensive network of outside legal counsel and specialists that serves as a ready response team.

In short, the firm helps SMEs and startups advance and safeguard their international ventures against pitfalls.

German American Link

Attorney Galaniuk’s German-American background is rooted in a bilingual upbringing. This distinguishing attribute – and its unique union with choice academic and professional training – assures that clients receive high levels of service.

Attorney Galaniuk speaks with native fluency to both Germans and Americans in their respective language, and thereby avoids blind spots and language disadvantages. He quickly comprehends the parties’ organization, strategy, and pertinent risks, and thus zeros in on the client’s main concerns. His understanding of corporate cultures and country specific conditions helps client’s international subsidiaries and German or American headquarters align expectations. To widen client knowledge, the firm sheds light on host jurisdiction factors by reference to shared or divergent concepts from home. These skills enable the firm to identify optimal solutions with clients.

The firm moreover adds considerable value in German domestic transactions documented in English. Clients are way ahead of the game when they engage English native speaking counsel with accredited first legal principles from the system that dominates contract drafting standards globally.

In sum, the firm empowers clients through cost-effective, precisely tailored advisory, as only a law firm with deep natural roots in both jurisdictions can do. Galaniuk Law is such a firm.